Student Testimonials

Undergraduate Research 

  • Kim Hertz headshot

    Kim Hertz, B.S., Software Engineering

    “I don’t plan to stop. I would love to continue on and earn a doctorate degree, and to continue doing my research, which has been a huge part of my experience here.”

    • Dylan Carter headshot

      Dylan Carter, B.A., Theatre & Performance Studies

      “One of the best things to come from my experiences has been the people that I’ve met and the friends that I’ve made. I also like that Theatre and Performance Studies is getting more exposure in the area of research.”

      • Niko Giannakakos headshot

        Niko Giannakakos, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

        “This was a really great way to bring together two professors who have very different yet complementary research interests,” said Giannakakos. “Both were constantly pushing us to seek out new information and continually improve on our design, which we have proven is mathematically feasible.”

        • Sean Balliew headshot

          Sean Balliew, B.B.A., Finance

          “I have always been curious about how certain elements of the research process lead to new and original ideas that can be applied to the business world.”

          • Hope Didier headshot

            Hope Didier, B.S., Biology & B.A, Dance

            “A great deal of the work that I have done as an undergraduate is unheard of at other universities. Kennesaw State University puts a large emphasis on supporting their students in research endeavors.”


            Internships and Co-ops

            • Ivan Stavrev headshot

              Ivan Stavrev, B.B.A, International Business

              “I am aiming to network as much as possible and get more experience under my belt. I’d also like to travel more and experience different cultures. Things happen very quickly in the business world and you must be able to adapt.”

              • Blake Eason headshot

                Blake Eason, B.S., Journalism

                “I knew this internship would provide a great opportunity to actually learn about my field through my own experience. I’ve learned so much by being here –watching how the radio hosts work, how the studio runs, and getting the chance to do it myself. I really couldn’t have asked for a better situation.”

                • Lily Helmly headshot

                  Lily Helmly, B.A, Dance

                  “I’m glad I got to see into the business side of a large dance company that has been so successful for many years, and interact with several members of the administrative board as well as the production board. Each person was very appreciative knowing how much there was to do”



                  • Alice Barry headshot

                    Alice Barry, B.S., Nursing

                    “I really love helping people,” she said. “The different courses that we’ve taken in PEGS and the different leadership styles we’ve addressed have narrowed my focus on, how can I be a leader and what can I personally do to contribute to the society that I live in? How can I give back?”

                    • Hope Limyansky headshot

                      Hope Limyansky, B.F.A., Visual and Performing Arts

                      “As artists, we all want to make a difference and feel like our work is helping society and changing things in the world - this gives us an opportunity to do what we love and affect the community around us” – Hope Limyansky, co-president of KSU Mudslingers.