Structure of Its About Engagement Leadership

Its About Engagement University-level Model

Its About Engagement College-level Model

Its About Engagement Assessment Model

University Steering Committee:

Dr. Scott Reese, Interim Director of QEP, Asst. Dean for Curriculum-College of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Ana Baida, Executive Director, Department of Transition Support and Career Development

Dr. Amy Buddie, Director of Undergraduate Research and Professor of Psychology

Ms. Danielle Buehrer, Executive Director, Institutional Quality and Accreditation

Ms. Tammy DeMel, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Communications

Dr. Michele DiPietro, Executive Director for Faculty Development, Recognition and the Center for Excellence in Teaching Learning (CETL), and Professor of Mathematics.

Dr. Adam Kaplan, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Dr. Lara Smith Smith-Sitton, Assistant Professor of English

Mr. Jordan Stevenson, Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Dr. Tsai-Tien Tseng, Associate Professor of Biology

Ryan Keesee, Assistant Director, Department of Student Leadership & Service

Jaremiah Clark, Kennesaw State University Graduate Student

Jamal Longwood, Kennesaw State University Student

Patrick Kielly, Kennesaw State University Student